General Operation Principle

Users will download the application over the panel and activate the application by entering username and password set by using activation link. Users define folders that will be backed-up. After this step, application is installed (this process can automatically be completed on panel). Each change made by users on files are instantly send to cloud. Cloud stores a version for each change. On demand, data back-up status can be tracked on screen. File versions are stored unlimited for last 30 days, one for each month in last 12 months and 1 for last 1 year. You can go back to back-up file you uploaded 1 year ago. When a file or folder is deleted, this item is instantly send to deleted items sections. Deleted items are kept on the system up to 60 days.

Application files are compressed and send. Complete files are received in first transfer and only the changed files received in following operations.

Narbulut Cloud Backup Topology SQL File Mail

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